One way to practically support us is by giving financially.

Here are some ideas of how these donations might be spent:

  • Clothes for the children (£5/month)Medical needs of a child (£5/month)
  • School fees for a child (£10/month)
  • Food for a child (£15/month)
  • Giving toward special gifts for the children, e.g. £10/child for buying 2 bikes for Christmas
  • A group in England recently bought a cow. The milk is sufficient for the children and enough to sell to neighbours.
  • Giving towards specific projects, such as installation of the biogas system, painting jobs, building projects etc.


If it is on your heart to give, this can easily be done via Golden Giving, or directly via bank transfer.
Bank details are avialable on request.
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Please fill out the form below and complete your donation on the Golden Giving website.